How to Get Involved

Join our Email List 
Keep updated on upcoming meetings and projects. To join the email list send a request to

Attend a Planning Meeting
The TSJ Steering Committee and other interested participants
regularly (approximately 1-2 times per month) to discuss issues of social justice and education, to discuss and plan upcoming events and projects, and to network with other members. All are welcome to attend these meetings and participate in shaping the direction of the organization. Check out our meeting calendar to find out when and where they are.

Attend a TSJ Event
TSJ is planning several events for the coming year. These events could take a variety of forms including workshops on curriculum techniques, community forums on social justice topics, presentations by speakers and follow up discussions, or just simply social networking events. Keep an eye on the emails and our calendar about upcoming events.

Plan and Propose a Workshop for our Upcoming Curriculum Fair, scheduled for Saturday, October 19.  More details coming soon.

Start an Action Group
Action groups are designed to allow members to come together around a social justice education topic, to research the topic, and then plan an action around the topic. Previous action groups include one on the topic of School Food and another on School Budget.

Start a Book Group
TSJ has sponsored several book groups that allow members to come together around common readings.  Anyone interested in starting a book group should send a request to

Write an article on Social Justice and Education
We invite TSJ members and other progressive educators to share ideas and experiences about social justice education by writing articles to be posted on this site. Articles could take the form of narratives about classroom experiences or education policy opinion pieces. They could serve as an opportunity to share curriculum ideas or present summaries of research on schools. Submissions should be no more than 1000 words in length. Accompanying images are welcome. All submissions will be reviewed by an editorial board prior to posting.